Eko Tristiyadi

Bogor, West Java - Indonesia
[email protected]

I have experienced in developing application website or mobile application. if you looking information about me or need web freelance, feel free for contact [email protected]


Software Engineer

PT Informatika Solusi Bisnis (Paques Indonesia)
Dept. Product & Development
  • Product Development Paques Data Studio version 2 and 3.
  • Crawling youtube and creating analysist sentiment and store to Elasticsearch
  • Project CMIC Decision Support System (Bursa Efek Indonesia)
  • Project Multisearch Polri
November 2019 - August 2021

Fullstack Engineer

PT Datacomm Diangraha
Dept. Digital Service Solution
  • Product Development Software Digius.
  • Project Telin (Telkom International)
  • Project Axa Mandiri (Custom Product Digius)
March 2018 - July 2019

Web Developer

PT MMAS (Multimedia Arto Sentosa)
  • Project PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System) at PT. PGN Solution.
  • Build New Dashboard for PT GTM (Gas Transmission Management)
  • Project WI/WP (Work Instruction/Work Procedure) at PT TGI (Transportasi Gas Indonesia).
August 2016 - March 2018


University of Al-Azhar Indonesia

Bachelor of Engineering
August 2012 - August 2016

MA. Raudlatul Ulum Guyangan High School

IPA (Science Major)
June 2007 - May 2010


Programming Languages & Tools
Skill Information Technology
  • Python Programming, PHP Programming, Codeigniter, Laravel, & Slim Framework
  • NodeJs(Express,Sequelize), Typescript, RxJs, AngularJs, Angular, React Js/Native, Flutter Mobile Apps, Cypress, Graphql & Webpack
  • Linux Family, CentOs 7 Minimal, Ubuntu Server, & Docker
  • Database Mysql, PostgreSQL, Ms Sql Server, Oracle, Redis, Elasticsearch, & Firebase
  • Workflow Design & Design Applications

List of My Projects

  • Project Public Information
    Link : view
  • Project Opendata Bawaslu
    Link : view
  • Remote Product Nusatek as Backend and create migration database script
    Link : view
  • Project SDGs Web Application portal propose for correlate SDGS goals in Indonesia, this app support dual language using Laravel+VueJs
    Link : view
    Link : view staging
  • Project Web Application for Portal Election Data in Indonesia such as the presidential election, regional election, and pilgub, and legislative elections
    Link : view
  • Project Web Application for Portal Member Group Datascience In Indonesia and for Forum Datascience In Indonesia. using Laravel, Python Telethon, and VueJs in Forum
    Link : view
  • Project Temu Mobile Application Ios & Android using React Native & Developing Backend using NodeJs & Developing Admin Portal using Angular
    Link : view
    Link Playstore : view
  • Project Web Apps Redesigning existing apps to new web app internal finance users and sales and owner for their transaction logistic, including invoicing automatic and reporting neraca active passive and many more
    Link Projects: view
  • Project Web Apps And APIS Fluid Bandwith and Setting Microservices on Ubiqube Apps PT Telkom International
    Using: Laravel and Swagger API Docs
    Link Projects: view
  • Apps SIMSI at Komisi Informasi Republik Indonesia & Indonesian Parliamentary Center Jakarta
    Link Projects: view
  • Setup Server Pointtrash & Builds API Pointtrash & Company Profile & Mobile Apps Android at PT Raha Bumi Kusuma
    Link Projects : view
    Link PlayStore : view

Awards & Certifications

  • Champion of hope of writing article about utilization of BIG DATA in Indonesia by PT. Solusi247.